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Iceberg Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency. We help businesses navigate their digital marketing journey's invisible (and visible) aspects to attract and retain customers. Our team of experts are committed and eager to ensure that we always offer the best value - all the time; every time! 

Iceberg Co-Founders

Lilly Liu

Digital Strategist

Fiona Carvalho

Accounts Director

Digital Marketing Strategy/ Campaign Management / Social Media Strategy and Implementation/ Web Development / Analytics /Cross Channel Marketing / Training /SEO Optimisation/ PPC / eCommerce / Email Marketing / Project Management and negotiation

When she’s not caring for her gorgeous toddler Michelle, Lilly loves shopping online, socialising and whipping up meals in the kitchen.  

Having gained years of experience in the Marketing field in Australia, Canada and India, Lilly has been surprised by the gap between go-to-market objectives and what actually gets delivered. She realised early in her career, the importance of having individuals with the technical aspect of digital marketing know-how, combined with a sense of customer-centricity, to drive the pace and scale of customer engagement. This led her to found Iceberg Digital Marketing, to enable her clients to attract and retain more customers. 

Lilly has completed a Masters of Business in  Marketing, with over 12 years of work experience within small and large corporations internationally, such as KitchenAid, Renault and Whirlpool. She developed and led several enterprise-wide digital transformation projects and created high-conversion websites to generate a 50% uplift in new revenue streams and process efficiencies through automation. Her technological know-how enables her to develop digital marketing strategies that are value-driven and sustainable.    

Digital Marketing Strategy/ Campaign Management / Social Media Strategy and Implementation/ Brand Management / Email Marketing / Project Management and negotiation / Content Marketing / Integrated Marketing Activations

When she’s not working, Fiona loves visiting art galleries and craft shops, travelling to new places and supporting her local community. She loves pampering her little pooch and spending her down-time dabbling in graphic design or reading creative journals.       

Fiona is the creative influencer at Iceberg Digital Marketing. She has a unique ability to deliver outcomes that are functional, financially viable and beautiful. Aside from her passion for aesthetically pleasing design, she has a strong commitment to clarity, consistency and conversions in digital marketing. She is a stickler for customer-focused outcomes and has an eye for ‘lean’ process improvements. Fiona’s exceptional project management, client-centricity and creativity, help us keep our projects streamlined, clients well-informed, and outputs visually appealing.


With a background in Marketing, Commerce, and Business, combined with work experience in Australia, Dubai and India, Fiona understands that every business needs a cohesive operating rhythm to help it grow sustainably. Fiona started work on mobile applications way before smart mobile phones became a thing and managed her own pastry business with a 90% retention rate whilst in her teens. She has a natural affinity for anticipating customer needs and deriving financially viable outcomes. Fiona is a critical thinker with strong problem-solving capabilities and insightful project management skills that make her an asset on every project.  


We are focused on building long-term relationships. We cannot do this without being honest and transparent right from the start with all our dealings. 


We know how to get the digital stuff done. We have the knowledge,  experience and expertise to get any digital marketing job done.


Our knowledge, expertise and directness, help us always give our stakeholders a new perspective and direction.

Our Values

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