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How AAOE is scaling up their digital marketing with less and still able to provide better user experience to their member.


The Challenge

As a non-profit organization, AAOE had limited resources and a budget for a dedicated marketing team. Marketing was done with a stratgey for a campaign but how it ties into the bigger picture was often lost. AAOE used multiple contractors to get their marketing assets prepared and ready to be distributed and then approached Iceberg to assist with their email marketing as Iceberg is a Certified ActiveCampaign partner.

The Solution

To begin, Iceberg was onboarded only to handle email marketing and strategy for AAOE. They then witnessed the quality of the email and how the process implemented was driving email opens and click-through rates up x amount. AAOE was so impressed by these statistics and the quality that they decided to try the small business marketing package. They found that Iceberg's small business marketing worked as an extension to their business, similar to their own in-house marketing team, and produced more consistent, quality work. More importantly, the AAOE team now had the capacity to add more value to their services and products for their membership. 


With the small business solution, AAOE is now going through a digital transformation to cut its digital technology cost in half. They also now are receiving more consistent branding and messaging, their social media strategy and communication now tell a story, and all digital streams are running cohesively and smoothly.

About The Company

The American Association of Orthopedic Executives (AAOE) was developed exclusively for orthopedic practice administrators, their staff and physicians. AAOE is an organization aiming at modelling excellence in this field by seeing and maintaining standards that benefit both providers and patients. This is achieved by facilitating connections between members to help lead innovative healthcare reform to improve across the board.

With the Small Business Marketing Package, AAOE team now has the capacity to add more value to their services and products for their membership. 

American Alliance of Orthopedic Executives - AAOE

Indianna, US

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