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How HR Company Black HRPC outsourced and upscaled their digital presence without compromising time or budget.


The Challenge

BlackHRPC knew they needed to hit the ground running for their social media presence as a relatively new organisation. They are a new non-profit organisation and did not have the time, resources, or budget for an in-house marketing team. Activity on socials was infrequent and reactive. They approached Iceberg Digital to create a social media strategy and drive their brand awareness with social media posts, so we created a content plan aligned with their vision and goals.

The Solution

The social media content plan focused on our content hierarchy of Hero, Hub, and Hygiene to create engaging content from the offset. Iceberg Digital also created a social media brand book and social media templates for the brand. A brand book and social media templates helped bring consistency in the look and feel and gain online brand awareness. All these elements form a part of a style guide for BlackHRPC that their internal team can use if they need to post on social outside the plan's content. Social media post designs were also used to draw inspiration for their internally run email campaigns. It was essential to create a brand, build the right audience, and set the right tone as a new organisation. A plan was created for 3-4 posts per week and consistently telling engaging stories for the audience and showcasing their offering. 

They found that Iceberg Digital's social media management worked as an extension of their business, similar to their in-house marketing team. They saw more consistent, quality work being produced and could focus more of their efforts on other aspects of the business. 

BlackHRPC is receiving more consistent branding and messaging; their social media strategy and communication now tell a story and concisely plan for the future.

The Results

When Iceberg Digital first came on board, we created a style guide for BlackHRPC. This style guide became the base for all their online digital touchpoints like email campaigns that are run in-house. BlackHRPC was able to take the work done in the style guide and build on it for other channels. We discovered that posts focusing on the company values and team-orientated posts received high engagement levels and utilised this to their advantage. Since working with Iceberg Digital, there has been a steady increase in engagement and followers across platforms for the first quarter. Facebook had a 15% increase in likes resulting in improved engagement and reach. Instagram saw new followers, a 26% increase in website clicks and increased impressions and reach. The Twitter audience also became more engaged, with likes and retweets growing steadily. In the social media strategy, Iceberg Digital had identified LinkedIn as the primary social media channel. The platform is highly aligned with the brand connecting Black HR Professionals across Canada. By optimising this platform, BlackHRPC obtained 36, 222 impressions and 1,036 clicks. Social actions such as shares and comments also increased. 

BlackHRPC has enjoyed working with Iceberg Digital to create a strong brand identity, awareness, and consistent posting schedule for their brand. They also enjoy seeing tangible positive results. To read more about our social media packages and how they can benefit your business, click here.

About The Company

Black Human Resources Professionals of Canada (BlackHRPC) was founded in 2020 by Tanya Sinclair. She was left outraged by the George Floyd murder and decided to positively channel that anger into creating advancements for the unique needs of the Black community. She felt that her own lived-in experiences as an HR professional found a lack of support, representation, and inclusion. She noted that within a 2021 HR membership survey that 5% of members identify as Black. She wanted to connect that 5%, form a professional association, and work together to change workplace norms to advance and support the needs of these professionals through various resources, networking, and mentorship. 

Through the Social Media Marketing Package, Black HRPC have current, consistent and relevant content across all social channels.


Black Human Resources Professionals of Canada - BlackHRPC

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