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Send the right emails to the right people all time, every time


Sending generic email newsletters to everyone and anyone is a thing of the past. It can even be an annoyance for your prospects/customers. Email marketing in today's world is all about personalisation and customisation.

Did you know that addressing an email with the contact first name is no longer considered a personalised email? It's all about sending emails with the right content that your prospects or customers needs and want to see. 

Now you may be thinking, how will you know what email to send out to engage with your subscribers? The answer is actually straightforward:

  • Make sure you ask the right questions either at the time of sign up 

  • Set up a customer experience automation to build your customer profile

  • Do A/B testing to get qualitative and quantifiable results​

Having the right data on your subscribers should enable you to send email campaigns that your clients will thank you for and be excited to click on your email when it hits their inbox.

Breaking Down The Email Marketing Icebergs 

Generate Traffic

Improve your SEO score by generating traffic to your website via your email marketing campaigns. Ensure your email campaigns have a clear call to action (CTA) so your subscribers can click through to your website.

Reduce Cost

Implementing email marketing in your digital strategy will not only help you reduce the cost of acquiring new customers but also enhance your brand experience. Making your budget run that extra mile 


Not all potential customers are ready to purchase now. Reach out to your potential customers at the right time! Nurture your prospects until they are ready to purchase through email automation.

Segment Your List

The cardinal rule to achieving email marketing success is to segment your subscribers and contact list. This enables you to send personalised and targeted emails based on demographics, interests and recent actions on your website.

What's included when you work with us

No exceptions!

  • We will help you clean and segment your contact list. Put in checks for data integrity.

  • We will brainstorm on different campaigns and automation to help you set up and increase your leads. In simple words, turn your leads into paying clients!

  • Personalised and custom email templates setups with monthly reporting on how your email campaigns are tracking.

  • Set up any email tracking required on your website and ad campaigns. 

Types of emails you can send to your subscribers

Broadcast emails

Sometimes you just need to talk with everyone at once. Send a one-time email campaign.

Triggered emails

Trigger an email to send based on a particular action like purchase, site visits or engagement.


Send welcome emails, start a welcome series, or deliver lead magnets automatically when a contact fills a form.

Email funnels

Sell more with emails! Setup an email automation that will turn your subscribers to leads and to paying customers!

Targeted emails

Make sure the right message gets to the right person. Group your audience into segments based on almost any factor

Our Email Marketing Packages


starting from* +GST

$ 550

This package is perfect if you are looking for help to send out a one-time email campaign with reporting and list cleaning.


This package is also suitable if you need help to onboard a new email marketing software


starting from* +GST (per month)

$ 1200

This package is perfect if you are looking for help to send out up to 10 email campaigns per month, Contact list segmentation & cleaning, subscription management, and  1 x active request for simple email automation.

Includes copywriting and graphics creation


starting from* + GST (per month)

$ 1800

Everything from Business email marketing package PLUS:

Landing page creation using third-party software like WIX, zapier integration, deal pipeline creation & management and 2 x active request for customer journey automation.

Get your FREE 30-minute email marketing strategy and obligation-free quote with us NOW!

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