Showkidz Management

Showkidz Management is a multi divisional organization that specializes in Communications, Artist Education, Model and Talent Management, Events Coordination and more. They receive several thousand applications through their website. When Terri Svoronos, approached us for a website optimization project, she did not realize that we could help automate her sales and other regular admin processes.  


The Challenge: 

The application and selection process that Showkidz followed needed to be automated. They needed a system that helped them fasten the selection of applications, keep track of the auditions and remind talent to fill up the required information. The current process was manual, tedious and was not sustainable given the budget constraints. Added to this, the current application form was not intuitive and extremely long. So, even though they were receiving thousands of applications, they were constrained by the sheer effort it took to manage the processes. 


The Solution:

Marketing Auotmation.JPG

Iceberg Digital Marketing recommended automating the application process using an email automation software (ActiveCampaign) that also comes with CRM capabilities. We combined it with powerful dynamic forms (Formstack) to make the form more intuitive and precise. Sending timely emails on the status of their application, to booking for an interview, to setting up a photoshoot is now completely automated. The Showkidz team now only has to click once, to let the system know that the applicant has moved to the next steps. This has freed their time from the mundane admin tasks and not to mention the stress of being on top of each applicant all the time as that the system now does all the planning for them! Giving them some time to do more photoshoots, and also have their lunch in peace!

Projects Worked On:

  1. Website Redesign

  2. Marketing Automation

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