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Accelerate your marketing with automation

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Robots should be your friends. They’re great at the mundane, repetitive tasks that take

up all that time you could be using more constructively. In terms of your marketing

activity, you’ll notice from your workflow that over the course of your campaign there’s a

lot to do to respond and follow up with people who have engaged with your content so

that they feel the love and have a positive brand experience.

Drawing the workflow of a marketing campaign
Accelerate your marketing with automation

Fortunately, there’s plenty that can be automated with the help of various platforms and technologies that will make running detailed campaign workflows relatively straightforward. When you’re dealing with a large target audience, for example with a consumer-focused retail campaign, automation is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s absolutely essential.

Let’s say (purely hypothetically) that someone has downloaded an eBook. Automation in its simplest form will be the “Thank you for downloading” email which they get moments after their download is complete. A step further would be the system categorising that person as a prospect in the comparison stage and tracking their visits back to the website. Then, if the engagement criteria (lead score if you’re taking it seriously) is met, it could send them an email the following week inviting them for a free demonstration of a product or service. Doing this manually would take a lot of work, leaves margin for error and could set you up for failure. If a response is delayed (or forgotten!) for whatever reason, this could result in a poor brand impression and no sale. If there’s no follow up with an interested prospect, an opportunity could go begging.

Like everything though, there is a balance, and if there is too much automated contact,

it can feel like spam and result in a tarnish on your brand.

If you have been looking at ways to automate your sale process, customer journeys or customer lifetime value, we surely can help you figure that out.

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