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How to get your customers to keep buying from you year after year

Customer retention using marketing automation. Contact Iceberg Digital Marketing
How to get your customers to keep coming buying from you year after year

You know it's essential to keep your customers happy to build a successful business, but how do you go about building long-lasting relationships with your customers? How do you keep them coming back year after year when they may be tempted by the newest products breaking onto the market?

Creating strong bonds with your customer base using digital marketing is easier than you think.

Here are some marketing tips to keep them coming back:

1. Make sure your product is of high quality

With so many competitors at various price points, it can be challenging to convince anyone to purchase your product over a similar one that costs less. The best way to combat this is by offering a product of the best quality and offer the most value for its price tag.

2. Keep your customers in mind

You need to remember what you're selling and who you're selling to. Offer discounts and promotions to customers who buy from you regularly. This will keep them coming back for more while still saving some money. By having your repeat customers purchase from you regularly, your cost of customer acquisition will go down.

3. Give back to the community with a percentage of your profits

Don't just give back to the community for PR's sake. Do it because it's the right thing to do, and you want to improve customer satisfaction. You can encourage repeat business by having a percentage of your profits donated to a charity or going to a different local organisation each month.

4. Show your customers you care

Keep in touch with customers by sending them birthday cards, holiday cards, and other updates about what's going on at your company. Say thanks to your customers with a follow-up email, note or other personalised touches:

Did you know that 70% of your existing customers are likely to try new things you offer them? If so, don't let this opportunity go to waste! Shoot an email out the week after they have purchased.

5. Ask for customer feedback

Regularly survey your customers to see what they love about you and if there's anything you can improve on. This way, you know exactly where the problems are coming from and how to fix them. It can be as simple as sending out an email asking for feedback once they've received their order.

Don't be shy to ask for their input on future products or services that they would like to see offered, and you will be surprised with the ideas they come back with. This can be extremely helpful when brainstorming your next big move.

6. Make it easy to return

Even if you provide fantastic customer service, there will still be occasional issues with the product, or the customer is less than satisfied with their purchase in some way. While you can always try to stand and make your point, it may be better to leave the customer happy. You'll save yourself and your business a lot of time and money.

Last but least, planning your retail sales in advance such as holiday sales or sales tied to specific events can be an excellent opportunity for you to get rid of old inventory and bring in a new product/s. We will recommend you plan these so that your existing customers are aware of the sale. Additionally, it would help if you considered segmenting your marketing to reach past customers best.

We hope these tips help you to plan your next successful retail sale. If you're looking for Retail Sales dates in 2022, we've got a downloadable list.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you with your business goals!

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