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We do SEO that continues your brand story...


Digital Marketing > Brand Awareness Campaign > SEO - Search Marketing 

We are not just another SEO agency that implements SEO as if it's a math problem. To rank well on SEO, you do not need to beat the search engine bots. But instead, you just need to outrun your competition. You also do not need to sacrifice your user and brand experience to get on to page 1 of search engine results. Puzzled? Because getting to page 1 may get you traffic but does not always translate to conversions. Our ultimate goal is to find the right balance between preserving brand integrity, user experience and get your website ranked high to convert your traffic into customers!


SEO alone does not help convert traffic to customers, but your brand story and user experience do! So when you hire us to do your SEO, we will make sure it will be an extension of your brand story and continue to add meaning to your online user experience and keep the bot gods happy to rank your business well.  

When you work with us can expect to hear from us often, not just once a month rambling about some metrics that you do not care or understand or only on emails. You will see from the very first kick-off meeting how hands-on we are and make the whole process a collaborative and informative journey.

Breaking Down The SEO Icebergs 


Content is one of the most impactful ranking factors. Quality, relevance, freshness and content depth are all important aspects, and we will make sure every new piece of content we add for SEO will extend your brand story.

Link Building

Link building is important, but we will not build links for you with just anyone. Every website is vetted and checked to ensure they are related to your industry and provide you with a list of links built. 


A report needs to be insightful, and you should gauge how your SEO efforts are faring. We make sure there is always progress with your focused keywords but also increasing your overall keywords ranks.

Advance SEO

There is only so much On-page SEO that can do. At Iceberg, we are not afraid to address the elephant in the room. We look at page speed, page experience and other SEO factors that can help you get that extra edge on your competitors.

What's included when you work with us

No exceptions!

I am not really sure if my SEO is working or what my SEO agency is doing will never happen with us. We make the SEO journey collaborative and insightful. 

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Conversion pixel tracking code installation.

Our monthly retainer SEO packages includes

On-Page SEO Activities

Technical SEO 

Keyword Tracking

Content & Copywriting

Backlinks Building

Our SEO Packages


starting from* +GST

$ 550

This is a one-off SEO activity where we will optimise the whole website and connect your Google Search Console and Google Analytics.


Includes a short 30 min training on how to maintain and manage the SEO setup.


starting from* +GST

$ 550

Local SEO is the process of optimising a business, product, or service for a search query that is location-specific.

With a minimum of 3 months contract, this package includes content creation like blogs.


starting from* +GST

$ 2000

National SEO package primarily focuses on ranking for broad keyword terms rather than ranking for specific geographical terms​

With a minimum of 6 months contract, it includes content creation like blogs.


starting from* +GST

$ 2500

Our International SEO package will be perfect if you have multiple versions of your website for different countries.


With a minimum of 6 months contract, we will help you identify the best local search engine for each country and which language your website must rank well in. 

Want to know how your website is ranking on SEO? Order your complimentary SEO audit report now!

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