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Blue Water

Navigating the complexities of digital marketing for you

Accelerate your business with a team of marketing experts

Being a small business, we know how challenging it is to manage the day-to-day stuff. We exist, to allow you to focus on what really matters to you: growing a successful business. 


A digital marketing expert can help you navigate your online presence and create an omnichannel to connect with your consumers

Cost Efficiency

For one fee you will have access to talent specializing in different sections of digital marketing

We Become A Part Of Your In-House Marketing Team

Accelerate growth, streamline technology, and free up your marketing teams to do what they do best!


Keep efficiency levels of existing staff high by not increasing their workload to pick up the gap in your digital marketing.

Result Driven

With access to the latest technology, tools and talent in digital marketing your business will achieve set digital goals quickly.

Simplify the way your digital marketing work gets done.


Fix Your Digital Marketing Bottleneck, Guaranteed

With our Small Business Package, you can get the best of both worlds: an in-house team to manage your day-to-date marketing needs and expert guidance when it comes time for something more strategic.

Quarterly Digital Marketing plan

With our quarterly digital marketing strategy sessions, you'll have a full 360-degree view of every step during the campaign, from planning to execution. We lay out clear goals for your team so there are no surprises!

Regular Project Catch-Ups & Updates

Communication. Communication!! Your team will be kept informed throughout the week about the project process. You will have access to our project management system where you will be able to witness firsthand all the hard work and effort that goes around in building a successful campaign.

Have ad-hoc digital marketing requests that is not part of a campaign?

Need a brochure? Or a banner design? Or need to create a landing page for a last minute event or offers? No problem! Your team will be able to submit individual marketing requests that may not necessarily be a digital campaign but requires support to integrate it or simply need a marketing asset created!

We Are Certified Partners

How AAOE is scaling up their digital marketing with less and still able to provide better user experience to their member.

With the Small Business Marketing Package, AAOE team now has the capacity to add more value to their services and products for their membership. 

American Alliance of Orthopedic Executives - AAOE

Indianna, US

Take Control Of Your Digital Marketing Process

Have unanswered questions? Book a live demo to get a white-glove walkthrough of the process and the platform.

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